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With the addition of Business+Center, a Web-based contact management system, Web+Center users can now easily integrate sales/contact business processes with customer/end-user support requirements sharing the same customer database and support management system. Business+Center features include customer and contact record logs, email distribution options to send emails to select customer/contact groups, and contact rep coordination management.

Technical Specifications

Business+Center Features:

  • Web-Based Interface - All Business+Center program and configuration functions are accessed from an easy to use WWW based interface. Business+Center pages are compatible with either Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer.


  • Customer Database - Create, update, delete and search customer records.
  • Contact Log Database - Create, update, contact logs on customers or users.
  • Contact Assignments - Assign customers to one or more contact reps and perform searches based on assignments.
  • Customer User Groups - Organize customers into customer user groups to help organize customers contacts and email distributions.
  • Email Options - Create, edit, delete and send personalized emails to select customer groups. Includes option to let customers remove themselves from email distribution lists.
  • Staff Availability Screens - Get up to the minute information on contact staff availability for instant coordination of contact reps or sales forces.
  • Timely Reports - Auto-refreshing status of customers assigned to individual contact reps.
  • Security - User-Id/Password security to prevent un-authorized access to site and database, as well as other additional security features.
  • Business+Center Whiteboard - Business+Center users can create and update a whiteboard available for all contact reps.
  • Custom Business Applications - Special customized business reports and processes can be created and integrated with the Business+Center applications.


The Business+Center login page can be customized to include your corporate Web site graphical requirements. Additional custom support features can be added for additional costs.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

  • Windows NT Server OS 4.0, Windows 2000 or NT workstation 4.0
  • MS SQL Server 7.0/SQL 2000 or MS Access DB Drivers (Installed with Windows OS)
  • 300MHz Pentium PC (or faster)
  • 64 Mbytes RAM (or more)
  • 2.0 GB hard drive (or more for large DBs)
  • MS Internet Information Server or Peer Web Server
  • Internet Connection


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