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A customer support web application that allows customers to register themselves and log, update and check the status their own support cases. Customers can access a product specific help desk that is created automatically as support cases are solved by support staff.

Technical Specifications

Customer+Center Enables Customers with WWW Browsers to:

  • Self Register - Customers self register with the support center defining their own Username and password login for future site logins.

  • Submit support cases - Customers can submit, review, or update support cases.

  • Asset Management - Customers can Search for assets from Asset DB and log support case for particular assets for a internal Help desk configuration.

  • Help Database - Customers can search a help database for related problems or questions.

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Quickly build up a list of frequently asked questions by taking simply adding solved customer cases to the FAQ List.

  • Integrate with your existing site - Application is designed to be quickly and completed integrated with your existing website and navigational look and feel.

  • Finding Lost Access Usernames and passwords - Allow customers to securily search and recover lost Usernames and passwords.

  • Automated email responses - Email notification is automatically sent when support cases are updated or resolved for effective case tracking.


Customer+Center WWW pages are compatible with Netscape and Microsoft browsers, and older browsers as well. Each Customer+Center page displays detailed instructions on how to use the program features and how to navigate through the WWW-based Customer+Center site. Additional security features prevent unauthorized users from accessing Customer+Center and logs out users not active for a period of time.

The top level Customer+Center page can be customized to include your corporate Web site graphical requirements.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

  • Windows NT Server OS 4.0, Windows 2000 or NT Workstation 4.0

  • MS SQL Server 7.0/SQL 2000 Database OR MS Access DB Driver (Installed with Windows OS)

  • 300MHz Pentium PC (or faster)

  • 32 Mbytes RAM (or more)

  • 2.0 GB hard drive (or more for large DBs)

  • MS Internet Information Server or Peer Web Server

  • Full time Internet Connection or LAN connectivity

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