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The Bridge between business What is EDI ?

EDI system is the bridge between trading partners.

An EDI enabled company can be able to exchange business documents efficiently through the secure computer networks. Furthermore, the users can integrate the EDI system with their own application to fully automate the business process.

As EDI system is based on international standards, you can easily connect to the business system of your world-wide trading partners.

Secure EDI Network  (VAN or IP)

Company A

moveL_R.gif (9370 bytes) Company B/C/D..

Quotation, PO, Shipment Notice, Invoice, etc.

EDI Products and Implementation Service

Our EDI product enables your company to produce your business document according to EDI standard, and then exchange them with your trading partners through IP or VAN networks. You can even integrate your own application with your EDI system to handle large volume of transactions and fully automate your procurement process.

We also provide professional implementation services to make you and your business EDI ready right away.

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