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Domain Name Registration Service

EDI Domain Name Registration Service  域

  • Check domain name availability, and name suggestions

  • Name Registration Process

  • Keep your DNS Records in EDI DNS Servers

  • Configuration of DNS Record for Web and Mail service


  1. Domain Name @US$9.90 per year (payable by the client annually)
  2. Service Charge for Domain Name registration and DNS setup and management @HK$200 per name (to be waived for our hosting clients and supporting clients)

Domain Name:


Support Hotline: +852 27713839    Mail: service@edicity.com

Self Service Centre

You can also register your name online by yourself.

Domain Name Registration at US$9.75 per year

Partnering with DotYou.com, and DirectNIC, we provide a simply way for you to register global .com/.net/.org/ domain name. 

Use of this service is totally FREE and easy!

 Domain Name Registration Tips in EDI City


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