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AgileOrder Sales Management Tool



Our company is the application developer of AgileOrder Sales Management System.  AgileOrder is an application specially designed for the management of sales and orders in Hong Kong. Good for quotation, sales and marketing management.  Features a fast searching engine for quotation and sales information. 

A billing system developed to manage and automate daily business operations such as issue of quotation, order management, delivery order, invoice, monthly statement, etc. 

Designed to manage the cost of orders by clients.

  • Clients ð Quotation ð Invoices   ð Payment

Low cost, easy to use, and very powerful. 

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EDI Online CRM System

客 戶 關 係 網 上 管 理 系 統

使用網上管戶管理系統,您可以不論何時何地亦可取得客戶資料、聯絡方法、機遇、規劃管理、參考文件、通信紀錄、活動紀錄等等 .....


你可立即擁有以下 CRM 先進功能: 

  1. 集中保存整個機構的客戶資料,供各營業員隨時隨地上網存取,資料不休假

  2. 保存整個銷售過程的聯絡紀錄(電話,電郵,會議等)

  3. 不會因任何營業員離職而失去保貴的客戶資料

  4. 任何營業員調職仍可與客戶保持聯絡

  5. 可管理專案和跟進分派各人的工作

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EDI ClinicPro  

Our company is the application developer of EDI ClinicPro since 1994.  ClinicPro 6 is an application specially designed for the management of Clinics in Hong Kong. Good for patient and drug management. Features a fast searching engine for patient information. Low cost but very powerful. 

Implementation, customization and support services are available.

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EDI LabManager  

A system to automate the management of a laboratory.  Manage the clients' test record, manage test plans, handle accounts receivable, and appointments. 

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DacEasy Accounting

DacEasy Accounting 9.0 Network VersionA very popular accounting software in Hong Kong.  It's a low cost but extremely powerful accounting software for small and medium sized organizations.  The standard package included everything of an accounting system, i.e. G/L, A/R, A/P and financial reporting etc.  It can be run on Windows network. Our Centre provides professional support by certified network engineers with formal accounting qualification and experience. 

Best value for money !

DacEasy Accounting 教育版推廣計劃  

Security Products

AVG Antivirus System

AVG is a low cost anti-virus solution for SME corporations.  It is a full function and powerful anti-virus tool capable to protect all versions of PC OS including Windows XP, Linux workstations, and the latest Windows 2003 server.

AVG Professional Single Edition provides comprehensive antivirus protection for personal computers. The unique combination of detection methods (heuristic analysis, generic detection, scanning and integrity checking) ensures that your computer receives the maximum protection possible on multiple levels (Resident Shield, Email Scanner, etc.).

AVG Professional Single Edition is suitable for following platforms:

  • AVG for Windows 95 ~ XP
  • AVG for Linux
AVG Anti-VirusAVG Network Edition provides antivirus protection for computer networks. The same advanced detection methods used by AVG Professional Single Edition (heuristic analysis, generic detection, scanning and integrity checking) are available on all of the workstations on the network. The AVGADMIN tool provides the network administrator with the necessary tools to centrally administer and manage all workstations on the network, including AVG installation and configuration, virus database and program updates, and performing tests on remote network workstations. AVGADMIN is independent of the network (Microsoft, Novell, P2P, etc.) and server architecture. As a special bonus, included with AVG Network Edition is the AVG File Server Edition which provides complete protection for Microsoft Windows NT4/2000/2003 and Linux servers.

AVG Network Edition includes:

  • AVG Professional for workstation
  • AVGADMIN central administration
  • AVG for NT4/2000/2003 servers

A single-user free edition is available for home users.  Use of it is recommended by HKCERT as the PC protection tool.

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AV Response Time & Update Cycles Comparison

      eScan Antivirus System

eScan is a high-end anti-virus solution for Enterprise.  It use a MWL layer to check and block virus well before it pass through your winsock network layer.  It employs Kaspersky advanced scan engine,  a full function and powerful anti-virus tool capable to protect all versions of PC OS including Windows XP, Linux workstations, and the latest Windows 2003 server.  According to the independent comparison report of AV-Test.org, Kaspersky scan engine and response time out performed most of the major AV solutions in the market.

AV Response Time & Update Cycles Comparison



  Web+Center Online Help Desk & CRM System


A suite of web based customer support applications including:

  Reservation+Center Online Booking System


A suite of web based facility management & Booking system good for club house, campus, and societies.  Your member will be able to check the availability of your facility and reserve them anytime and anywhere.

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  Alpha Five Version 7

Introducing Alpha Five Version 7, the newest release of our award winning database product that is truly the ultimate combination of speed, ease of use and power. Alpha Five, used in businesses both large and small, is ideal for novice and expert users alike to effectively and efficiently manage data.

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  SharePoint Team Service

SharePoint Team Services is a team Web site solution that is designed to significantly improve the way your team manages information and activities. Now you can easily create a site that serves as the central repository of all project information—documents, contacts, tasks, discussions, and much more.

Share information, collaborate on documents, and collect team knowledge over the Internet or your corporate network with SharePoint Team Services

A Web Site Everyone Can Use
Using preprogrammed Web-authoring forms, you can instantly create a full-feature Web site that your team can begin using immediately. Once the site is launched, team members can add, edit, and delete information using their Web browsers. Automatic hyperlink management maintains links to new material, while templates protect the overall navigational structure, individual page layouts, and design elements.

Out-of-the-Box Functionality
Preformatted forms let your team members contribute to the SharePoint Team Services-based Web site simply by filling out lists. You'll find forms for announcements, events, contacts, tasks, surveys, discussions, and links. SharePoint Team Services also makes it easy to create custom lists by building on existing forms, or creating new ones from scratch.

Microsoft Office XP Integration
Office XP works seamlessly with SharePoint Team Services, so you can save documents from within any Office application and copy calendars and contact lists directly from Microsoft Outlook® 2002 and paste them directly into your team's Web site. Integration with Microsoft Excel 2002 means you can also export lists and create pivot tables and charts to analyze information or apply text formatting.

Document Libraries
The Document Library feature of SharePoint Team Services provides a single location for storing all your team's work. Transferring documents to the library is simple—it just takes a Web browser. And when you assign templates to your document libraries, you guarantee that all documents are consistent and compatible. Powerful text-based search and a familiar folder view make it easy to find documents in the SharePoint team Web site library.

Team Interaction
SharePoint Team Services helps team members share ideas through subscriptions and notifications that alert everyone to Web site changes. Inline document discussions make it easy to collaborate on specific deliverables without altering original documents. Discussion boards serve as a central forum for specific topics and surveys, which are a useful way to get targeted responses to key issues.

Team Management
Once you've launched a SharePoint Team Services-based Web site, a simple e-mail invitation serves to register team members to the site, and you can assign different permission levels to each member depending on their role. Date, time, and author stamping makes it easy to track member participation. Web-based administration lets you manage user accounts quickly and simply from within the browser.

Customize from a Web Browser
You'll find all the commands you need to adapt the SharePoint Team Services-based Web site for your team. Simple drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to modify the home page; adding new pages and custom lists is a snap, too. You can also create custom views of information by filtering for specific criteria, sorting in a particular order, or showing and hiding columns.

Customize with a Compatible Web Page Browser
Create professional-quality Web sites that offer all the features your team needs. Advanced customization options include themes and shared borders, plus photo galleries, usage analysis, top ten lists, automatic Web content, and more.

A Solution That Makes Sense
Whether you use your internal corporate network or the services of a Web Presence Provider (WPP) for SharePoint Team Services, launching and maintaining a SharePoint Team Services Web site is fast and easy. It takes only three clicks to set up and configure your team Web site running on Microsoft Windows® 2003 with Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0. Built-in administration features let you delegate administration of the site to a team member, reducing demands on IT staff.

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