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Reservation+Center is a suite of web based facility management & Booking system good for club house, campus, hospitals, government services, and societies.  Your members will be able to check the availability of your facilities, and reserve them anytime and anywhere.

Technical Specifications

The Reservation+Center is a web-based reservation system. It is integrated with the Web+Center customer database and allows customers to log in and make their own media/equipment/facilties reservations from an on-line graphical catalog of equipment.

Reservation+Center administrators can create and manage media/equipment types and inventory and view and chart reservations and make printable delivery schedules.

Reservation+Center Graphical Catalog

Reservation+Center Reservation Chart

On-Line Evaluation:



Reservation+Center features include:
  • Create Reservations - Customers can submit and confirm their own reservations requests by reviewing a picture catalog of resources and then reserving equipment for a day or multiple days.
  • Reservation System Administrators can enable an approval process to allow or deny reservation requests.
  • A public bulletin board allows the public to view existing reservations and reservation requests to reduce scheduling calls and allows organizations to better make requests for resources.
  • Automatic email notifications are sent out when reservation requests are made and approved.


  • Create Database of Media Types and Inventory - Reservation+Center administrators can create a database of media "types" such as DVD players, sound systems and then enter actual inventory with tag and tracking numbers from which reservation requests can be reserved from.
  • View Reservations - Customers can view their own reservations


  • View Reservation Chart - Web+Center Administrators can view a graphical chart of reservations by equipment and date.
  • Flexible - The Reservation+Center application can be easily adapted for other types of equipment or facilities. The same application could easily be used for:
    • Rooms, fields or other facilities
    • Equipment, machinery
    • Resources

Pricing and Licensing:

Price:  US$1,000.00  (Unlimited customers with 4 support staff).

** Special 30% discount available for educational institutions

Implementation services available upon request.  Please ask for quote.


Hardware and Software Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium PC (1GHz or faster)
  • 512 Mbytes RAM (or more)
  • 2.0 GB hard drive (or more for large database)
  • Full time Internet Connection or LAN connectivity

Windows version:

  • Windows 2000/2003/XP (Windows Version)
  • MS SQL Server 2000/2005 Database, OR MS Access DB Driver (Installed with Windows OS)
  • MS Internet Information Server (IIS)

Linux version:

  • Linux Version Requires Linux, Apache Web server, Sun One ASP, MySQL



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