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A very comprehensive yet easy to use support staff web application to effectively create, log and manage support cases entered by customers or by other support staff members. Applications include extensive case search capabilities, case routing and priority functions, administration functions, support dispatcher status availability screen, complete integrated asset management component and much more.

Technical Specifications

Tech+Center Features:

  • Web-Based Interface - All Tech+Center program and configuration functions are accessed from an easy to use WWW based interface. Tech+Center pages are compatible with either Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer.
  • Customer Database - Create, update, delete and search customer records.
  • Support Staff Database - Create, update and delete support staff records.
  • Asset Management Database - Create, update, and delete assets and log cases for particular equipment.
  • Case Record Database - Create, update, delete and search case records.
  • Multi-Criteria Case Search - Perform complex case record searches without a knowledge of SQL.
  • Support Staff Functional Groups - Organize support staff members into functional groups to help optimize the dispatching and resolution of problem reports.
  • Dispatcher Screens - Get up to the minute information on tech staff availability for large telephone-based support organizations.
  • Integrated Email - Customers receive automatic email notification to confirm the opening of new cases, as well as other selected events. Tech support staff can conveniently email case reports to customers, and customers can conveniently find case reports in the DB and have them emailed.
  • Timely Reports - Auto-refreshing status of open cases for individuals, groups and dispatcher screens.
  • Security - User-Id/Password security to prevent un-authorized access to site and database, as well as other additional security features.
  • Configuration - All features and user choices are configurable with easy to use Web-based forms and enus. No database experience is required.

The Tech+Center login page can be customized to include your corporate Web site graphical requirements. Additional custom support features can be added for additional costs.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

  • Windows NT Server OS 4.0 Windows 2000 or NT workstation 4.0
  • MS SQL Server 7.0/SQL 2000 or MS Access DB Drivers (Installed with Windows OS)
  • 120MHz Pentium PC (or faster)
  • 32 Mbytes RAM (or more)
  • 2.0 GB hard drive (or more for large DBs)
  • MS Internet Information Server or Peer Web Server
  • Internet Connection


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