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Alpha 5 Version 6 available now!!


Alpha Five Version 6 is the most feature-filled database and application development tool ever released by Alpha Software in its twenty year history.

With Version 6 you will be able to track, report and manage any information related to your business or organization -- be it about people, projects, images, equipment or facilities.

Version 6 introduces fundamental innovations to database software and adds a huge number of new capabilities that will appeal to users of all skill levels.

For End Users

A virtually limitless supply of carefully and logically thought out Genies make Version 6 of Alpha Five extremely easy to use. Version 5s revolutionary and innovative application scripting capability allows you to finally take control of your information and makes you self-sufficient in terms of being able to build sophisticated, customized and highly automated applications and solutions for your particular business or organization.

You will find Alpha Five Version 6 is designed to provide you with enormous power and flexibility in manipulating and reporting on data, without requiring that you acquire programming skills. The built in Field Rules, visual Report Writer, fully integrated e-mail, backup, integration with MS Office, security and data manipulation tools make Version 5 a true breakthrough in delivering power in "kid gloves." One of the customers of Version 6 summed it up by stating, "Version 6 is a superb product--you don't have to know how to use it--just let Alpha Five know what you want to accomplish, sit back and relax and watch Alpha Five Version 6 do the rest for you."

For Developers

You know that your most precious asset is your time. Alpha Five Version 6 (along with its built in languages Xbasic and Xdialog) was designed to maximize the productivity of professional developers. Based on the thousands of hours of testing that have been performed on Alpha Five, it would not be unreasonable to expect that you will be able to build highly customized solutions for your clients in a fraction of the time taken with other tools such as MS Access and Visual Basic.

Think about it in terms of a real example. Time taken to complete a custom application with a tool such as MS Access/Visual Basic--100 hours. Time taken to complete the same application with Alpha Five--20 hours.

The major advances in Xbasic along with the introduction of Xdialog (a high-level way of quickly building dialog boxes), the new multi-pane, color-coded Script Editor, the introduction of completely customizable menus and toolbars, an integrated debugger,  the addition of function auto-complete logic and a smart Function Finder all work together to ensure that Version 5 will legitimately be the tool of choice for programmers and consultants who demand a database application building tool that will allow them to produce professional class applications in a fraction of the time taken with competing products.

Action Scripting, while designed to add next-generation ease-of-use to Alpha Five Version 5, also serves as an extremely attractive option for developers, in that it automatically writes completely editable, highly-structured and fully-commented Xbasic code with the ability to switch from the menu system of Action Scripting to the Xbasic Code Editor.

Additionally OLE automation and support for Active X controls provide for totally extensible applications.

In short, Alpha Five is the first database designed to appeal to both end users and developers without compromising ease-of-use or power.


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Alpha Five version 5 is the only desktop database product to receive FIVE stars from PC Magazine, C/Net and PC Pro this year.

* Alpha Five version 6  wins PC Magazine Editors' Choice 3/05:



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