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FTgate Mail Server

FTgate is a reliable, feature packed mail server in a cost effective and easy to use package running on Windows 2000/2003.  With a host of advanced features FTgate is suitable for large or small organizations interested in installing a mail server or replacing their current mail server with a solid reliable product.

Why we recommend FTgate?

  • Spam mail control:  It stops relaying junk mail from your server
  • Web-based Server Administration:  You can control your mail server anywhere
  • Real-time Virus Scanning by the mail server:  Save your network effectively
  • Build-in Firewall for your Mail Server:  a hack prove  feature
  • Web Mail and Web Access for the users:  Your users will be able to use the mail system anywhere 
  • Very Fast and Easy to use, able to handle thousands of users
  • Low cost of ownership: Good value for money

Build your own post office, and deliver your own internet e-mail today !

The Developer - Floosietek UK

Product Manger of FTgate Products


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