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We selected to distribute a number of quality network products that meet our 4 criteria:

  2. Useful FEATURES that add value to our clients' IT investment
  3. Good VALUE for money
  4. Strong SUPPORT by the software developer

All of them are award winners !

 Virtualization Projects

VMware vSphere Virtualization System

EDI City is a VMware Solution Provider - Professional, specialized in infrastructure virtualization for the SME market in Hong Kong and China.

VMware is the most advanced virtualization platform that saves your hardware and software cost.  You can build a more reliable computing platform with less investment.  So you can free up your IT personnel for your business edge.


 TSP             VTSP


 Network Analyzer

OnlineEye Pro  Network Analyzer

A set of helpful tools to monitor your network performance, included network traffic of your local PC, your server, your router or network equipment support SNMP.  Low cost and easy to use.

OnlineEye ProOnlineeye optimizes PC Internet performance. The real-time Graphic Analyzer separately measures download and upload speed and time. A zoomable and printable graph shows 24 hours of speed history, allowing you to see what Internet activity took place when you were away from the computer. The active taskbar icon graphs the current speed. The network monitor shows every internet activity of your DSL connection and let you unmask all spys ! Onlineeye works with virtually all types of network connections: phone modems, DSL, cable modem, LAN, satellite, and more. NEW: Router and Windows Server/Workstation Monitoring.

Typical use of OnlineEye:

  1. Monitor network traffic and speed of local workstation
  2. Monitor network traffic and speed of other workstation or server
  3. Check spyware or adware operation
  4. Check router traffic and speed

It's good for Win 95 ~ Win 2003.

Trial or Buy OnlineEye Pro:


  Website Performance Tracking :


NetTracker is a professional internet usage tracking system developed by Sane Solutions, LLC. You can use it to analysis your websites in UNIX or NT platform, anywhere anytime with your browser. You can turn your website into a powerful business intelligent system. It is the choice of many international ISP and high loading websites.

Our professional support is now available in China, Hong Kong and Macau.

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Product Manager of NetTracker Products

  E-mail Server :

FT Gate

FTgate is a quality, feature packed mail server in a cost effective easy to use package running on Windows 95/98 or Windows NT. With a host of advanced features FTgate is suitable for large or small organizations interested in installing a mail server or replacing their current mail server with a solid reliable product.

Build your own post office, and deliver your own internet e-mail today !

Product Manger of Mail Server Products

  Network Proxy Server

NetProxy 3.05NetProxy let all the users in your LAN connect to the internet using only ONE dial-up account and ONE telephone line. All your LAN users can now send and receive e-mail without modem and phone line in their PC. You can use its WWW proxy server function to save bandwidth and connection cost of your company. You can use NetProxy as a firewall to protect your network from internet too.

Product Manger of Proxy Server Products


  VERITAS Backup Solutions

veritas.gif (597 bytes)Backup Exec for for Windows NT is the system of choice for high performance, reliable, easy to use Windows NT data protection. You can use its Enterprise version to backup Novell and Unix servers too. This system can effectively protect your Open Files, SQL database, Exchange database, Oracle server, and Intelligent Disaster Recovery Features.

It's a 100% compatible Windows NT Backup Solution. It's the choice of Microsoft - Microsoft is using this backup system to protect their 2,300 servers world-wide.

EDI Resources Centre Ltd. is a VERITAS Certified Storage Management Professional trained to provide reliable backup solutions to our clients.

Product Manager of Veritas Products


What is the latest firewall used by most of the Hackers themselves?  What is the firewall protecting more than 9,000,000 PCs in the world?  What is the only firewall passed the Steve Gibson's LeakTest program? button

US$29.90 Only

The answer is: ZoneAlarm Pro by Zone Labs Inc.

Hackers may play behind your corporate firewall. Protect your final frontier now!


  Network Financial Software :

DacEasy Accounting - Network Version

Low cost but extremely powerful accounting software for small and medium sized business.

DacEasy 9.0 for WindowsThe DacEasy product line is designed for small to medium-size businesses (with 1 to 25 users).   DacEasy is a complete, easy-to-use accounting solution that's been winning awards and satisfying users for more than a decade. This powerful software solution can improve your competitive edge by enhancing your accounting system assets, your experience, and your skills. Unnecessary steps are eliminated. Even the most complex processes are streamlined so your productivity can soar.
At the core of DacEasy is a series of dynamic, fully integrated modules giving you vital information that's key to successfully operating and growing your business. Use the modules together, or individually to fit your exact accounting requirements.

Our Centre provides professional support by certified network engineers with formal accounting qualification and experience.

Product Manager of DacEasy Products

   Specifications are for reference only. Subject to availability and change of market price.       Please contact our Network Engineers for latest price and specification.

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