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1.      Net Nanny  互 聯 網 內 容 過 濾

family簡單而靈活的第代“互聯網內容過濾系統”,令你有一個更清純可靠的電腦系統! 學校電腦室保障學生必備,亦是中小學學生家長必備工具。



Net Nanny BoxMore Info  更多資訊 或 即時選購 

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NetOp School - The blackboard on your PC

2.      NetOp School 電



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 3.         上教育系統


eTraining Online Education System 

Learning Management System for your original training programs. Solution provides site owners a convenient opportunity to place Internet courses and tests for remote education in different subjects.

PG eTrainingYou can create training programs and courses, design tests, award certificates with the help of it. You will have ability to manage as many courses as you want and give students access to free courses to demonstrate your system. It's a good and easy way to optimize your teaching process and get profit with thousands of students online. The solution is easily customized, deployed and can be quickly adjusted to any design. Create your own eLearning training solution for your site quickly and without problems.

Cost: US$249

eLMS Pro Course Content Management System 網上課程管理系統

Whether you are interested in launching complex for Remote educational business, for effective expansion of your college, institute or university, a wrongly chosen e-Learning Management System may cause wrong course material comprehension, lack of students' desire to study or absence of interrelationship between a teacher and a student.

PG eLMS ProeLMS Pro from Pilot Group is a complete software package that includes everything you need to launch successful e-learning company. It is designed for any education formations: from small distance training companies up to big colleges. The system is written in PHP and installs on your Web server. Features multilevel courses catalog, flexible content management and advanced admin area. You are not required to have much programming skills, only logical way of thinking and responsive approach to your future users. Groups, users and courses management - all is convenient and effective. If you have several courses of different topics, create a catalog for every topic and include as many courses as you want to every topic. If you have several teachers for courses management and tracking, you can create them and assign Teacher role at your site to any professional. Learning management system can be managed by an administrator - this is logical. The system can be administrated by a person with minimal programming knowledge level - this is convenient. If you have a lot of courses in different fields, then you can create a catalog of courses from which learners will be able to choose. If you have a small educational company, create your courses without any problems and, if needed, expand your activity to many topics. This program can satisfy all your staff and learners. Make your choice and let it become your business.

Cost:  US$449


4.  DacEasy Accounting Tutorial 會 (師生版)

HKAAT 選定用於應考電腦會計試,價廉而功能全面,是中小企十多年來的主要應用軟件。已獲不少學校選用為會計科教學軟件。

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 5.      AVG Antivirus 防


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6.      Web+Center 網

電腦用戶網上支援系統 知識管理系統。


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7.      Alpha 5  軟



 8.      FTgate Mail Server 電


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