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EDI Implementation Service

EDI Systems - A Bridge of Business PartnersMake your company EDI Ready right away!

EDI Business-to-business system is the bridge connecting  business partners. Our professional products and services help you to build a reliable connection between all your trading partners, and from your applications to their own applications.

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 Internet Web Site Service

 Build your interactive website today!

Free Online Domain Name registration Service  

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 Network Engineering Service

  • Network (LAN and WAN) Installation & Implementation
  • Implementation of Proxy and Firewall system
  • Network Support Service, on-site or hotline
  • Network Application Implementation Service
  • Network Messaging System
  • Hardware Upgrade & Repair Service

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 E-Mail System

  • Design & Installation of E-mail Server
  • Build Mail List
  • Setup Auto-respond mail systems

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 Business Application Development

  • EDI Forms programming (send out your document in standard EDI messages)
  • EDI Mapping Service (integration of EDI data and your in-house application)
  • Business Software Development
  • EDI ClinicPro Clinic Applications
  • Medical Practitioner Software
  • EDI LabManager Laboratory System
  • EDI OMS Order Management System
  • EDI StoreManager Store Management System
  • EDI HRM Human Resources Management & Payroll System
  • Office Automation Project
  • Training Courses
  • Accounting System

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 Training & Consultation Service

  • EDI Product Training
  • Project Management & Training
  • Independent IT System Assessment
  • ISO9000 Quality System Management Training
  • Website Usage Management Training
  • System Consultation
  • Consultation on Data Safety and System Safety
  • On-site System Administrators training

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 Other Services

  • Information Systems consultation
  • Professional Project Management Service
  • ISO9000 Quality System Implementation Service

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